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Since 1998, Netfirms has been a player in the web hosting business. Over this period, they have become the premier provider of web hosting, e-commerce website hosting, searching and registering a domain name, e-mail hosting, technology solutions and e-marketing services. The Netfirms coupons that are offered are some of the best available for hosting.

Additionally, they have built a reputation for providing solutions for reliable and affordable hosting. Netfirms is owned by industry giants, Endurance International Group (EIG), which is the company that owns a number of other top-brand hosting providers. These include Hostgator, FatCow, BlueHost, and JustHost. All of these have coupon codes that are available.

The company’s customer base is made up of large corporations, established businesses, small home offices, and families. All customers are provided with top-notch web hosting and domain name registration services. Over 1.2 million websites are successfully powered by Netfirms on a daily basis. They have become one of the most recommended and largest web hosting companies in the world. This is largely because they have become renowned for their trust, quality, and reliability.

The primary focus of Netfirms is to cater to the needs of individuals and small businesses. The overall goal is to provide exceptional services at reasonable rates while collaborating with clients to get the clients’ ideas online. Currently, the company is host to over 1.2 million client websites, and they have hundreds of thousands of clients all across the globe offering different Netfirms promo codes.

Below are the 5 Core Values by which Netfirms is guided:

• Treat others in the way you want others to treat you
• Delight customers
• Think big
• Do more with less
• Pursue growth and learning

The company currently offers a range of web hosting services with coupons. These include VPS hosting and shared hosting. Each plan is designed to satisfy the specific requirements of various clients. Similar to other web hosting providers, Netfirms offers a set of pretty basic features, which progress into more advanced hosting packages based on the needs of the client. All plans offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Additionally, if you make a commitment with the company for a year or more, you will pay a much cheaper price for the plan.

Plans Offered By Netfirms With Coupons

Whether you are a growing enterprise, a startup business or an individual, Netfirms has the ideal solution for your web hosting needs. The solution is tailor made to satisfy the specific requirements of each client. Below are some of these solutions:

Advantage Plan

If your aim is to build a user-friendly website that can effortlessly connect you with your customers, the Advantage plan is a remarkable method of getting started. It enables you to do important things like send and receive professional email and showcase the products and services you offer. It is well suited to small and medium businesses looking to enhance their presence on the Web.

The Advantage plan is equipped with all the tools and options required to quickly and conveniently leverage your brand online. The package includes a Drag-and-Drop Site Builder, SimpleScripts one-click installer, pre-made templates, ads credits and search engine marketing credits. The Netfirms Clustered Hosting Technology is exclusive and also offered in the package. The Clustered Hosting Technology assists you in handling sudden spikes in traffic on your sites and ensures this is done with fewer disruptions. This is a premium tool for larger e-businesses; however, it comes standard with all their hosting plans.

Business Plan

This plan is ideal for individuals and businesses that have already made a mark and wish to extend their Internet reach. Whether you are launching an online store or expanding your customer base, this collection of powerful hosting tools will get the job done. The Business Plan is an extension of the Advantage plan; however, it has added eCommerce support to easily build an eCommerce website even if you have little or no programming skills. Essentially, this plan is a remarkable choice for businesses that have higher hosting demands.

Highlights of Some of the Features of the Plans

The success of Netfirms is widely attributed to its notable capabilities. For example, the integrated website builder allows you to build your website from scratch. In addition, one-click application installs and ad credits are included. There are also even shared SSL certificates provided in all of their shared hosting plans. However, only the highest priced plan includes a dedicated SSL certificate.

Name Search and Registration

For most, the task of doing a domain name search is quite daunting. There are countless domain names to search through and select from; therefore, it can be difficult to find the right domain names. Thankfully, Netfirms offer low-priced solutions to ease the process of domain name registration. This user-friendly function will assist in guiding you through the process of name registration. You can also supplement standard domain names and protect your brands and trademarks. For example, this can be done with CO.UK for the U.K., CA for Canada and other country-specific domains. Netfirms currently offers name search and name registration on the following extensions:

• .COM
• .NET
• .ORG
• .BIZ
• .CO.UK
• .CA
• .ME
• .TV

The Netfirms Coupons

Netfirms is well respected and offers many advantages over their competitors; however, their superior strengths lie in the premium technology they use and with the Netfirms coupons. This makes it possible for clients to operate faster, easier and in a more secure manner. All hosting packages include proprietary Clustered Hosting Technology. The Netfirms Control Panel makes life much easier for their clients.

Clustered Hosting Technology

As suggested by the name, this variety of web hosting is designed to spread the hosting load across a number of different servers or hardware machines. This type of load balancing eliminates several impairment points and fixes any failure that occurs with single server hosting. These include:

• Malicious or poorly written scripts
• Excessive amount of accounts on the server
• Denial of Service attacks to websites on the server
• Other email and security issues

Clustered Hosting Technology allows customers to share the power of several applications and servers that are distributed in real-time. This enables a “clustered” handling of important website resources, load balancing, and security.

The most important benefits of Clustered Hosting are:

Greater Security

Each cluster account is isolated from the other; therefore, your data will always be safe. Poorly written scripts can be monitored, isolated and restricted to the CPU cycles of that account.

Improved Scalability and Performance

Resources are practically unlimited as the power of the entire cluster can be accessed by your account; not just a single server. CPU, bandwidth, and storage are spread across the cluster. Servers also have the capability of using load balancing to handle spikes in traffic so that no disruptions will be experienced.

Outstanding Value

Clustered Hosting is priced a lot lower than dedicated solutions. While this technology is regarded as premium line-of-business and business-critical e-commerce applications by other web host providers, Clustered Hosting comes as a standard feature in all their hosting plans.

Netfirms Control Panel

This user-friendly product is exclusive to Netfirms and is one of their in-house developments. This allows all features to be seamlessly integrated and you can take advantage of quicker server speeds.

The Control Panel incorporates fast AJAX programming and offers some benefits and features to all 1.2 million of their hosted websites. The popular benefits include:

• Streamlined domain transfer to Netfirms
• An in-built File Manager
• Simple Google Analytic integration
• Knowledgebase for troubleshooting
• Automatic SSL certificate application
• Prorated upgrades/downgrades
• Capacity to manage multiple websites and add new domains
• Service from a load-balanced, robust and clustered hosting platform

Tier 1 Data Centers

The scalability and reliability of their hosting services are solidified by their Tier 1 data centers. More specifically, those centers enable them to have optimum access, maintain optimal security measures and maximize security and control of your data. This includes:

• Security access reports
• Video surveillance
• Independent climate controls
• Superior fire detection and suppressant system
• Redundant power generators, which are set to engage in 60 seconds

Netfirms’ Data Center also uses DC or Direct Current power. This offers considerable power savings and supplies the highest levels of efficiency. This is just one of the methods they use to reduce their carbon footprint. They are aware of the impact their line of business has on the environment. As such, they are committed to being more environmentally friendly.

Whether you want to construct a full-blown eCommerce site or a simple personal blog, WordPress is the best hosting solution for you. Netfirms enables you to use WordPress to instantly create a free website or blog. This will undoubtedly create the most powerful CMS and or website in today’s industry.

Netfirms has recently released a new version that is definitely the most user-friendly control panel they have ever released. However, more can be expected as they are always looking to improve their products. Best of all, most of the recent changes were made from customer feedback. They welcome any feedback that will further improve and simplify their products. Just make sure you use any of the Netfirms coupon codes before you checkout.

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